Settle in, cruise, savour our Mediterranean flair


Choose to the chauffeured to the marina, upon arrival you will be greeted by a member of our experienced and qualified crew whom will assist with the boarding and settling-in whilst you sip your complimentary glass of wine. Cruise to one of Malta’s beautiful anchorages for a mid-morning swim, snorkel or opt for an instructor-assisted dive, in crystal clear waters such as those found at the Blue Lagoon or the remote cliffs of Dwejra. 


Lunch on board can be carefully prepared to your liking and delivered onboard unless you’d prefer to spoil yourself by our very own private chefs onboard, alternatively visit one of the most quaint and idyllic settings for a scrumptious fresh seafood lunch one of the various beach grills and lidos that disguise themselves within the Maltese coastline.


Time for an afternoon siesta? Plan ahead and have a masseuse join you for the day… alternatively, pick up where you left off your latest read. Ask your skipper for a tour of the pristine coves around your bay.

Cruise back and enjoy the splendor within a Maltese sunset. Don’t forget to take a quick tour of our majestic grand harbor before heading back to the marina.