Challenge us

Whether you’re looking for rare delicacy accompanied by your particular favourite vintage or whether in the mood for a relaxing on-board massage, from private chauffeur services to child care services, our experienced team will ensure that your wishes are catered for throughout. 


Mediterranean sea sensations

A peaceful afternoon siesta or pick up where you left off with your latest read, while basking in the afternoon sun. For the more adventurous, an adrenaline- charged ride aboard one of our Williams Jet Tenders. Come sunset, out with a freshly-prepared Maltese “Hobz biz-zejt” or for the more lively, your favourite cocktail whilst slowly cruising back to the marina, where you will be collected and driven back to your hotel... 

Wouldn’t you have wished you had booked an overnight charter round about now? We are quite sure that your first experience won’t be your last. 

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg